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This is my life, my journey, my success, I lived my dream as an IFBB Professional and now I am a Mother of two.

This site is dedicated to YOU because without your support my dreams would not of come true. YOU give me the determination to be a better ME.

From a young age I was involved in sports such as gymnastics, dancing, athletics and horse riding. I was very blessed to have such a loving up bringing with my horses and family living in a small beach town in Western Australia. I then moved to Perth for further schooling which had me swapping and changing schools due to reasons out of my control. My grades suffered and with no solid idea of what kind of career path I should followed I studied hospitality management.

I worked, I partied, I had shitty nutrition. The kgs began piling on.. My love affair with the gym began. I was obsessed, I trained 2 hours a day 5 days a week and lost 8kgs within a couple of months. I was so incredibly passionate about something since my horse riding that I decided to begin my studies in personal training and made my way into the industry. I loved helping people to achieve their goals and was so unbelievably dedicated to them and my own training for my 5 days a week but the weekends were mine..

As years progressed I became partying heavily at times, it seemed that was all my life was really about. I worked for the weekends and then was left with nothing to show for it. I have a very addictive personality and it soon became my down fall. Drinking to drugs my body took a turn for the worse and I starting having internal issues because my body couldn’t function.

In 2008 my life completely changed, I got the worse news I still have gotten to this day, My father was diagnosed with cancer and had been given 2-3 months to live.. My father was my hero, he was and is still one of the most loving, understanding and caring people I have ever known. He didn’t even make it through 2 weeks after being diagnosed.

I had to be strong, for myself and my two brothers, three sisters and step mother. I became devoted to making my father proud with every moment of my life, it is my legacy to him for bring me into this world and the person that I am today. I prepared for my first figure competition that year and distracted myself by focusing all my energy on transforming myself. I drew strength from telling myself that my father was closer to me than ever before cause he is with me every step of the way and I know this now to this day.

My life is not the same with out him and it wouldn’t of been the same if I wasn’t without him. I am a battler, I am a surviver, completely honest and totally me. Although I no longer compete and the majority of my day is raising my 2 beautiful children, my passion will always be fitness and helping others to achieve their goals. I look forward to sharing my life and legacy with you. I will empower you with my strength and motivation as a coach and mother of 2. I offer to provide you with the tools that you need to bring you success in health and fitness.



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